Boiler Service

Annual generic servicing £80. 

Annual full manufacturing  £120 + parts

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Boiler service is essential to keeping your boiler maintained and energy efficient.

Private homes do not need a Landlord Gas Safety (CP12) certificate. Servicing your boiler every year will make sure your gas appliances are safe to use.


Dwelling owners (landlords & landladies) should read below before booking an appointment for a boiler service.

  • Is your gas appliance accessible? 

  • Where is you gas meter to your dwelling?

  • Is your gas meter accessible? 

  • Is your gas appliance working?

  • What is the make and model of your boiler? Do you have a GC number for your boiler?

  • Do you have the log book for your boiler?




“Very good service.”

Zhang Wei (London) 18 Jan 2016


“Top guy, very polite and friendly. Spotted the problem straight away and fixed it.”

Mark Alden (London) 3 Jan 2016



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